New Bible Studies

Now that we have concluded our study of the New Testament book of Revelation it is time to start a study of another book. Since we were studying in the N.T. we will now shift our attention to a book in the Old Testament. On Sunday, April 23rd, at 9 am we will begin our new study of the O.T. book of Habakkuk. Though it is a relative short book of the bible it has a lot of valuable information to give us about how to live in our current world. Come and see!

You wanted it, so you got it! You asked for more bible classes during the week and now you have them. Two new studies will begin this week on Wednesday, April 19th. The first class will begin at 1 pm at the church and study the question “How we can have one Bible yet so many churches?” The second class will begin at 7 pm at the church and entertain the question “What is our mission and do we have what it takes to accomplish it?” Come to one or come to both! See you there!

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